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We aim to make plans ready for download within 48-hours of case submission and acceptance, although in exceptional cases this may take longer (up to 7 business days). This timeline does not include revisions which may be done multiple times based on client discretion.

Our team of expert designers will. Our designers have collectively delivered more than 100,000 designs and worked for pioneering companies in the aligner market. All designers are qualified dental technicians, that have passed our mandatory screening test and are subject to 2-month training prior to be being onboarded.

Each AlignerBase plan passes through a detailed Quality Check performed by qualified Orthodontists before being shared with you. You may also directly message the QC Orthodontist working on your case through the AlignerBase Platform.

Clear aligners have the potential to improve all types of occlusion, however, we cannot promise a perfect outcome. To determine if clear aligner therapy is suitable for a patient, the treating doctor should consider the overall treatment goal, the movements required, and the current state of the patient's dentition.

Yes, AlignerBase uses attachments in its treatment plans when required to apply force to move teeth into desired position (e.g., mesial rotation, bodily movements, extrusion, etc.) and improve the stability of the aligners. They are typically used for complex cases and help to increase surface area of tooth in contact with aligner making the treatment more precise and efficient.

We primarily utilize Blue Sky Plan for our treatment designs, but we also have sufficient licenses for 3Shape Ortho System. Both platforms are industry leaders in dental CAD solutions and have received the necessary FDA approvals. While these are our standard tools, we remain open to adapting other software based on client needs Please

to discuss any specific software preferences or requirements.

Plans and Pricing:

AlignerBase offers value-driven, market-beating pricing through its two plans: Pay As You Go and Enterprise Plan. Please view the

page for further details.

Yes, AlignerBase is currently offering a Free Trial case to all new customers on its Platform. This is for a limited time only. Please view the

page for further details.

The AlignerBase Platform is free to use for all new customers who are still under the Pay As You Go Plan - the only fee charged is the design fee per case at this stage.

Only customers subscribing to the Enterprise plan are charged a One-Time Fee of USD $599. This amount is then fully credited back to the account and can then be used towards monthly invoices. Consider this as an up-front payment to unlock preferential rates available under the Enterprise plan.

Please view the

page for further details.

Platform Features:

No, the AlignerBase platform is web-based and can be accessed using web-browsers. We recommend using Google Chrome, but it can also be accessed on other mainstream browsers (e.g., Microsoft Edge, Safari)

The AlignerBase platform is only available in English at the moment. We are working on providing support for additional languages. Please Contact Us to provide feedback and suggestions.

Yes, Enterprise plan clients will have multi-user access to the AlignerBase platform and will be able to add their business details and additional Users. Pay As You Go clients will have a single-user access to the AlignerBase Platform.

Submitting Cases:

You need to upload Scans, Photos, and complete the Rx form:

  • Scans are mandatory and need to be an intra oral scan (which may be Maxillary, Mandibular or both) which can be either obtained through an intra-oral scanner or from a lab/desktop scan of an impression. Please ensure files are in correct occlusion. Files Supported include STL and DCM.
  • Photos are mandatory and include a full-face (frontal) smiling image and 3 intra-oral images including a right lateral, left lateral and frontal view. You may also upload upper and lower occlusal views if available.
  • X-Rays are not required but recommended where cases have higher complexity. We accept panoramic x-ray or a full mouth x-ray series (FMX).
  • Completing the Rx form is mandatory, where you should mention all instructions regarding the case, existing condition, treatment objectives, etc.
  • Please view
    Understanding the Orders Dashboard
    in the Support Center for further information about submitting an order.

  • STL and DCM file formats from all intra-oral or desktop scanners are acceptable, ensuring the quality of scans is good.
  • We are working on building direct integrations with various intraoral scanners so that your will be able to directly share scans with us without having to upload manually.

Not at the moment. We request you to only share STL scan files with us for now.

Treatment Planning Stage:

You can select and set up your treatment preferences in the AlignerBase Platform after signing in, from the 'Profile' section (e.g., movement velocity, wear schedule, IPR timing, etc.). Please view

in the Support Center for further information about treatment preferences.

You can select and set up your production preferences in the AlignerBase Platform after signing in, from the 'Profile' section (e.g., ID Tag Placement, Tray Numbering, etc.). Please view

in the Support Center for further information about treatment preferences.

You can view the stage a specific case is at by going to the Orders page in dashboard and searching for the relevant case. You will also receive a notification email as your case passes through each of the various stages of treatment planning. This setting can be disabled by the user through the Profile section. Please view

in the Support Center for further information about submitting an order.

Clients can perform all the above through the secure, cloud based AlignerBase Platform. Once a treatment plan is ready, you will have access to a detailed treatment plan report in PDF format as well as a stage-by-stage video of movements, which you can use to approve a plan or send back for revision based on your comments/feedback. Please view

in the Support Center for further information about submitting an order.

We are working on developing an interactive, high-resolution 3D visualization tool that will allow clients to view a detailed stage-by-stage 3D representation of the treatment plan. This should be available to our clients free of charge in the near future.

Clients may cancel an order prior to finalization through the Orders page of the AlignerBase platform. An order that is cancelled while still at the 'Draft' stage will have no charge; however, if an order is cancelled after it has been accepted and designing has begun, a cancellation fee of USD $35 will be charged. Please view the

page for further details.

'Revision' implies a request to adjust the plan prior to approval, during the treatment planning phase and before the treatment begins.

Client may request treatment Revision as many times as required to finalize the treatment plan, within reasonable limits. Revisions are provided free of charge. Please view the

page for further details.

'Refinement' implies a request for a change to the treatment plan (mid-course correction) after the plan has been approved/finalized and patient has begun aligner treatment.

Customers will be given 1 free Refinement for each case. Additional Refinements will be charged at USD $35. Please view the

page for further details.